Worshipful Master's Address

Sam "Whitt" Whittleton

First giving all honor and glory to God, who is our Lord and Savior, let us pray: Almighty and Most Merciful God, Matthew 12:25 “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand”.


Giving Honor to God whom ALL things are possible, we humbly thank you, we exhort your name, we praise you everything, and all things you have done, you’re about to do. For we do not know why, we do not know how, but in all things, we thank you. We, but merely pray for comfort and understanding. For you are the light of our salvation and let nothing that rise up against us shall stand. We can only approximate the reception of that imperfect yet Glorious reward, and we can only live through you. We ask that you bless this lodge and all its doing this year, and years to come, we ask that you provide humility when needed, comfort when confused, and blessings as abundantly as you wish so that we may be thereby better enabled to contribute to betterment of our community, family, friends, and all amongst us. We love you Lord, and we again thank you. AMEN. So, mote it be.


To: The Wardens, Elected and Appointed Officers, Past Masters and Brethren, thank you for electing me to Maceo Boston Jr. Lodge #145’s East. It gives me great pleasure to be able to serve as your Master for the ensuing year of 2020 - 2021. I am extremely grateful of the honor that you have bestowed upon me, the confidence you have shown to entrust me as the Master of our Lodge during the year of 2019 - 2020. I know COVID-19 has made us go through various changes in the Lodge and in our lives, but we are still standing tall. I thank you for all of your support. This year we will continue to focus on Masonic education and build our brotherhood. As I hold this gavel, I do not view it as a symbol of authority, but as a symbol of trust. The trust you have lain in me to conduct the affairs of this Lodge in accordance with our by-laws and your wishes for the year.


Fraternally yours, Sam “Whitt” Whittleton Worshipful Master


In closing, may the favor, peace and blessings from God be upon each of us.

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